Sunday, August 17, 2008

Unday Sunday

Ok the photo is totally gratuitious, who doesn't want to see some hot men in tight clothing? Bonus is that Canada's rowing team won our second gold of the games, go them! We're up to 7 medals now. Finally!

Went to a sexy party last night, friend's 30th, we had to dress sexy, so of course, I brough out the girls. The girls were photographed about 4 times, my face? No I have none, but I have tits. Everyone liked the hot pink lace bra under the black top (usually I would wear a black bra, but I brought out my inner ho and anyway there you go).

Naturally every male at the party was attached. All these single women in one room and the guys were all taken. Oi.

Today it's down to Vermont for a concert, I'm photographing it, let's hope it doesn't rain, I really don't want to be standing outdoors in the rain, it's not my idea of fun.

Got myself a neato new camera bag. Anyway. It's a backpack and you sort of turn it and your camera is in front of you RIGHT THERE. Hard to explain.

Ok, I'm off for breakfast with a friend I haven't seen in weeks, so enjoy the day all. Pray for no rain in Burlington. Please.


Surfergrrl said...

forget the tights! just give me the male swimmers. yummy!

Elisabeth said...

Mm, a most enjoyable picture!

Technodoll said...

OK it was a dry weekend, yeeeeeeeeeeey!!! out with the goods now! um, concert photos I mean... not the girls...