Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ok. Apparently when we do it, we do it well.

Olympics day 8, 1 of each kinda medal. Two of them in women's wrestling. Go figure. We usually do well in diving, synchro, sculls (rowing).

Finally. We Canuks were starting to worry about where all our tax money had gone, we tend to fare better during the winter Olympics, however, we usually win SOMETHING by now.


I'm not feeling so embarassed now.

Congrats to Carol Huynh our gold medal wrestler, the silver medal rowing pair of Scott Frandsen & Dave Calder, and our bronze medal wrestler Tonya Verbeek.

Well done guys.


Technodoll said...

Where's our medal for poutine-eating? Hrmph.

Olympics are funny. So is all the nationalist pride... which I find super kitch and a giant waste of time as well as tax money.

Pave the damn roads, give us better health care and education, who cares about a piece of metal on a ribbon?!

myself said...

Well the way I figure it, they're gonna waste that money and not use it for anything useful, because they're the government, so I'd rather it go to these atheletes that represent us at the oldest "track meet" around, and, we won in greco-roman wrestling, which is what the Olympics were all about way back when.

Cuz you know they'll waste it on trips for that bitch governor general or more golden toilets in Quebec City ;-)

PrincessB said...

Poutine eating. Haha! LOVE that stuff!

Go Canada!