Sunday, August 3, 2008

late night ramblings

Problem with napping during the day is that I won't be able to sleep at night.

Therefore, it's 1:07 am and I'm watching a new Law & Order Criminal Intent and writing on my computer. Well actually I was also doing stuff to my computer. Yay puter!

I'm thirsty, I'm yawny, and if I lived with someone other than just myself and 6 animals (ok 2 of them are reptiles), I would probably also be termed as crabby. Yeah I dare anyone to start with a woman who's had 3 migraine this week and is still on the freaking verge.

More stormy weather tomorrow. Yeehaw.

So my little crush from Facebook wants to meet me. I think it will be a rather combustible meeting, our discussions are something else already. Although I think he may be a bit chicken, so I'll just keep a lid on things and see what he does. I am not much of a chaser. Never goes anywhere if you do anyway as far as I'm concerned.

Dammitall I need an oil change. And I don't mean my car. I am almost considering luring this poor innocent thing (yeah that was a joke) and having my way, which believe me, is not my usual mo.

It's done been longer then I'd like to discuss. And the battery powered implements aren't doing what they should for me recently. I need a human. GAH.

Poor young thing. Doesn't bode well for him if he finally gets his act together and meets me.

Maybe that would help my migraine???? hrmmmm....

Guess I should stop watching Susanne Sarandon in "The Client" and hit the sack. It is almost 1:30. And I've done nothing to be proud of myself for today, at all.


Hope you all are having a more productive weekend than myself.

I'm just sitting and stewing or sleeping...feeling pretty useless.


Technodoll said...

I feel your pain in the head department sweetie, I really do... Vegas brought me some kickass UK meds when he moved over and they're the only thing that gets rid of the pain. Zomig was useless and every single OTC med here is useless. But this Solpadeine Migraine stuff? I wish I could get you some!

Yeah, gray and crappy out today. AGAIN. Funny, we should be used to it by now but... I just can't.


Hug your puppers and shave those legs, I think you have another kind of "storm" in sight soon, eh? *giggle*

Two Date Diva said...

I have read that sex can help with headaches, so perhaps that should be your mission. It's a good excuse in my opinion. :) Besides, everyone needs a good oil change or pipe cleaning every now and again.

Surfergrrl said...

I need to get my oil changed too. ha ha!!! this guy won't know what hit him. :)