Saturday, August 2, 2008

welcome to hell!


The summer is almost done and I've had more migraines then I had all fall/winter/spring. How bad is that?

I swear to you, if more men got migraines I swear they would work harder at solving the mystery of them.

I know of 2 men that get them, a friend of mine and my personal trainer, but my personal trainer has figured out the key for him is food/eating patterns. My friend on the other hand has the same issues I do with weather.

So pills. Lots of pills and bed. Nice way to spend the weekend no?


Technodoll said...

Same here... unusual amount of headaches and migraines the past few months.

Barometric pressure is ALL over the f*cking place. Heavy. Muggy. Hot. Humid. Rain rain RAIN.

Wonder if the suicide rate has gone up...

Hope you feel better soon. Sigh. What pills are you taking?

myself said...

Well, I did ask a friend that if she saw a guy with a machete roaming around she should send him my way. Is that considered suicide?

Oh that's mighty bad of me to say considering what happened in Winterpeg this week. Ooops.

Anyhoodles....I take Zomig if I must, although I have insurance, it's just damned expensive, so in a desperate attempt to get rid of my headache 3 motrins and a Tylenol 1 Extra Strength with codeine will usually do!