Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I know I know

Bad bad blogger.

In my defense, I've been so tired.

I'm on a new med since Friday and tis kicking my ass. Except I can't fault that I'm actually sleeping. Amazing what our body learns to adapt to medically and then when something is diagnosed and you start taking medication for it, you realize how you felt.

See I have high blood pressure, spikey all over the place blood pressure, thank you mom and grandmother for the hereditary gifties. 65 lbs lost and a change in diet did nothing to help, so meds it is.

I have real feet and ankles for the first time in a while I hate to admit. I can't believe I didn't realize that, just thought it was fat. Nope.

Anyway. I'm a little more tired than usual, as in falling asleep on the sofa at 6:30 pm tired.

Everything is pretty much status quo. Men - nada, friends - annoyed with one and it's the usual one, photography - have a gig in Vermont on Sunday night and can't wait, work - I've organized a charity outing in Ottawa & finally got my first real client after all my hard work. Company can't complain!

All in all it's pretty much status quo.

More exciting post maybe later tonight if I don't fall asleep, I have to go find something to wear to work now that isn't too big. Yey!


Two Date Diva said...

Glad you're back, I've been bad too. Mostly due to another sinus infection. Oh well.....

Anonymous said...

Good to see you! I have been under the weather as well.

Surfergrrl said...

i'm frustrated by my own bp. aside from becoming a zen master, I do most everything right. and still it's a little high. i guess getting frustrated doesn't help, does it.

myself said...

Thanks everyone, I think particularly on the east coast there have been some super special colds going on and people have been ILL!

Sufergrrl....if I can make a suggestion, really....go get the BP looked into, it could just be hereditary. I lost a whole hell of a lot of weight, am active, am still overweight, but made a huge move towards being healthier and it did absolutely bubkus. And now I realize how badly it affected me this blood pressure....guess that's why they call it the silent killer.