Thursday, August 7, 2008

early morning eye candy

So I had a breakfast informational meeting with an airline today, Air France KLM.

Sleepy, still out to lunch, I toodled into the meeting room and headed for the coffee, saying hello to a former colleague from Lufthansa, and the people from AF KLM...

Still completely out to lunch.

Went immediately to the coffee, and then proceeded to sit down.

There he was.

OMG, the most gorgeous hunk of man I've seen in a damned long time, tall, dark haired, gorgeous green eyes, smile to die for....I'm wondering who this guy is, everyone in our industry knows each other, and this guy is new, he's not any of the big bosses at any of the other forwarders I know.

I get my breakfast (spill water everywhere....I'm not good before alot of coffee and I'm having insomnia issues recently), sit down and yak to my former colleague who now works for AF KLM, about people we used to work with and how they're doing etc.

Then the speaking begins. And the gorgeous tall man is introduced, big deal operations manager for North America, based in the US somewhere (JFK?? I can't remember) and when he opens his mouth...oh my, the most gorgeous Dutch accent in a deep, from the toes voice.


Naturally, I realize what the ring on his right hand band...they use the opposite side in the Netherlands...yeah I wouldn't let that one go anywhere either, smart girl whoever she is!

Yeah but early morning eye candy is quite the thing....had to brush past him to get out of the room also, smells good on top of it.


Yep, day started off well.

Off to play with the office cutie I'm not allowed to play with. Equally as hot! Good lunch/day all!

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Surfergrrl said...

sigh...i heart eye candy