Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I can't move

Went out of mussels tonight with 4 friends. All-you-can eat mussels. In a white wine garlic sauce.

I'm gonna explode.

Don't you dare tell me it's only wafer thin (mild Monty Python reference there).

I have never been a mussel fan, but everyone was having 'em and hey, I went for it. Oh my god they were good.

As is all the seafood at this place in particular. Yummers.

I'd be happy if all I ate was fish and seafood. Supposedly there's an issue with mercury etc etc, but the way I figure it, if being alive doesn't kill me .... right?

I have photo editing en masse to do and what am I doing?


Oh but on the subject of the concert I photographed Sunday night, why don't I live in Burlington Vermont again? Cuz let me tell you, it's full of hot men. And we counted 17 red heads (I have a redhead thing). Oh. My. Chatted with a hot cop, sadly, married. Yummers. I like men a bit too much it seems.

Derek Trucks was amazing, his singer was not present, laryngitis, but what a terrific concert. Well worth the trip down and I got some fab photos, that I have to send samples of to his manager. God bless him for the photo pass.

Ok. I guess I need to be getting to the photos from 2 weeks ago to start with. Ya think?

I also need to kill my backyard tomorrow morning before I leave the house. With vinegar. Don't ask. Suffice to say I'm thinking of pebbling my backyard. We'll see.

I hate mowing the lawn.

Ok I'm rambling, off I go.


Elisabeth said...

Ooh, I just adore fish, seafood, sushi. All that jazz! Mmm!

myself said...

Mmmm me too. Sooooshiiiiiii. Sorry. Went off into a trance there (sushi induced of course).


Technodoll said...

I can't eat anything that comes in a shell... looks like a skinned testicle and smells like old dirty gramma. I don't know how you do it :-D

Vermont is awesome... so yeah, why don't you live there? What if the lawns are nicer? hmm?

Oh wait... they don't have poutine. teehee!

myself said...

oh TD I guarantee the lawns are nicer and they'll get pissed with me and my "kill it and you don't have to mow it ways".

as for the seafood....gross, if I didn't like it so much you may have turned me off ;-) There's a major seafood allergy in my family, so I am super thankful I actually can eat it without it killing me! Anaphylactic shock...NOT SO MUCH!