Saturday, May 24, 2008


Oh man, I'm tired.

I must stop behaving like a 20 year old, staying out all night.

In my defense, great time had by all, out to see John McGale Blues Project, my girlfriend was opening for him, so we had dinner and stayed all night. Great band.

For those who don't know John McGale - I'll tell you a bit about him, but unless you're from Quebec, or maybe Canada in a squeak, you won't have a clue. He's a member of Offenbach, Quebec band since the 70's (60's even), creation of the Boulet brothers. So he was playing at my local restaurant bar last night (and tonight) and is opening with Offenbach next weekend for George Thorogood. Wrap your head around that one. Consummate performer, plays every instrument known to man (and well) and sings. Three guys that sound like 5. Amazing.

Anyway, going back tonight, another friend's son plays blues and we want him to see him (and meeting him can't hurt - seeing as this kid has a future in music ... I can feel it). Figure the band will probably hang with us again anyway, as they usually end up doing! I need to take some photos, ran out of battery pack power (next week I buy a new battery pack damitall!). This is my new hobby, taking photos of bands/performers. I'll post one of John McGale tomorrow after I'm done with my editing.

Sunny and gorgeous (well a few clouds, but it's pretty) and I'm going out to have brunch with a girlfriend (very Montreal of me! - dammitall we love our brunch!).

You all have a lovely day and when I'm done playing with the boys tonight, I'll post a photo or 2.



Technodoll said...

Wherezem photos? I figure you're done brunching now (it's Sunday evening LOL), he he you're right: we montrealers love our midday bacon n'eggs... :-D

myself said...


If they had stopped making faces at me it would have been lovely!