Sunday, May 18, 2008

it's 2:20 am

I'm officially on vacation. As of Friday at 5 but ok, I don't care, I am on vacation for a week.

I have a major cleaning of this disaster area I call a home to do, I need to get rid of my dining room chairs and table and install my new ones (only had 'em a month, I would imagine it's time).

I'm awake currently due to being a bit stoke, I was out helping a friend out, she sings in a band and she has lost her voice, another friend and I went to do some filling in. I did Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" to amazing applause (and hot men coming up to say how good I was...dear god I loves me some tall geek with nice glasses man....I swear it's an illness), and now I'm awake. Good and awake.

Breakfast with a friend and her kiddo tomorrow, then coffee and a bite with another friend who is having a very bad time of it right now and a few others we know....then my week is officially mine mine mine mine!!!

Don't like to sound greedy, but I do enjoy my time to myself... That's just the way I am boys.

And on that note, the boys and I are going to bed (yes boys, they're small, they're long, they're short legged, and most of all, 2 are smooth coated and the other is long coated....Dachshunds silly! they make wonderful foot warmers and Montreal is a titch chilly tonight!).


Technodoll said...

Oh man, you really didn't get lucky with this week's weather for vacation... what a sh*t!!

Mind you, it's good for top-to-bottom house cleaning, no temptation of going outside to enjoy a nice soak in the rain... LOL!

Get sleep! Hot chocolate! movies!

myself said...

I'm cold and considering turning the heat on.

Is it really May in Montreal?