Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok I don't normally post in the morning but I have a quick question.

Why is it that I wake up at seven am on the weekend, but during the week, at almost 8 am, I'm still dragging my considerable ass around the house and haven't gotten dressed? (note that if I want to be on time for work, leaving by maybe 10 past 8 is a good idea).

On a happier note, I paid my $2 and I can wear jeans today because I don't have a meeting with a client. Phew! (it's national wear jeans at work day for breast cancer research - don't know if other places do this as well as Canada?)

Ok. My microwave is beeping it's butt off telling me that my oatmeal has been ready for the past 15 minutes....and this lazy ass is still sitting in her jammies in front of the computer.

Asleep. Still asleep, regardless of my trip outdors with the puppers.

Oh and that loud aircraft that just took off over my house. Thank you Lachine, you bunch of asshats. Buy a house near an airport and complain when you hear the aircraft. So now, I get them ALL the time, because, essentially, they have to go somewhere. HELLOOO???? It's a good thing I don't believe in guns and that bodily harm isn't legal, I'd cause it constantly on those I consider buttheads.

And on that note. WORK!

Laters all!


Technodoll said...

I want to hear about the puppers and see photos pleeeease!

Pretty please.

Lachine is so pretty... minus the asshat aircraft overhead, I agree. Sigh. Move to the plateau and enjoy endless sirens?

PS: I have no problems sleeping until 10am on weekends! on weekdays either, LOL! Spare the damn alarm clock. mutter.

myself said...

You have noise everywhere...highway, train tracks, airports...it's part of living in a city. So Lachine objected and now my town gets ALL the traffic just about instead of it being spread 360 degrees around the airport. Geezus.

Seriously. You get what you buy, Buy a house under the flight path and then complain? GAH

Oh the puppers. They're mini-Dachshunds (yours would think they were a nice snack!), and causing me difficulties...I'll post a few photos later!

Technodoll said...

He he! un snack de chiens saucisse? *grin*

so you've hired a trainer for the issues? what's up with them? i'm sure they're cuties btw, i adore dogs that are different (sick of squeegee mutts, grrr).

myself said...

Issues are aggression with one, he's also marking in my house. Marks everything. Ruining my hardwood floors. I'm at wits end. So The trainer has figured out what is wrong for the most part, and I'm working with the beast. Sigh.

Two Date Diva said...

Sounds like the beginnings of a free day to me.....

Go in a bit late, do whatever your heart desires and then leave early.