Monday, May 5, 2008

would it be ok to think it MIGHT be getting better?

Woot me.

I fought for my current job and won. We've made a few changes. But I don't have to take over the job I don't want. A big weight off my mind.

And, I'm pretty certain that I am going to be able to find something else pretty quickly if I decide that's what I want to do.


I might have mentioned before that I LOVE cooking. Love it. I am good at it, and I adore doing it, to the point where I thought of becoming a chef when I was laid off about 15 years ago, but reconsidered because of the hours (I get migraines and shift work doesn't work for me unfortunately, messes with my sleep patterns and that is a major migraine trigger for me). I was watching something half asleep yesterday on BBC Canada and it stuck in my mind, so I cooked it tonight, omelette you cook in the oven, greens, dill, mint, parmesan cheese, and feta cheese (most important!). Wow. Made it for dinner tonight and it was completely amazing. A few sliced tomatoes...oh it was so good. It think it's going to be doubly good cold tomorrow for lunch! Anyone wants the recipe leave me a comment and I'll point you in the right direction!

There was this gorgeous salmon tartare also....oh my I love food!

So I'm feeling a bit better now. Except for the lack of man thing, but there's not much I can do about that, I'm not a dating machine. In fact, for the most part I don't bother. They'll have to put up with me single again in Sunday (mom's birthday dinner). Too damned bad.

Anyway. Things are feeling on the up and that makes me nicely pleased.

I actually spent a great deal of my weekend cooking. I like to make some batches and

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Technodoll said...

Um, recipe? Right this way please!! That omelette sounds out of this world.

I'm in Montreal too - where to find good brunch places? I'm sick of runny eggs and cold coffee, grrr!