Monday, May 26, 2008

updates updates everywhere

Ok update #1, crush has not contacted me. anyone's defense, I don't think people are as attached to their computers as I am considering I work on one. Between photo editing etc etc etc, I spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer (unfortunately). Still hoping for an email from him. With bated breath. But I just realized he's also 5 years my junior. Didn't realize that...hrmmmmmm....

Update #2, in the spirit of not sitting on the computer I have finally gotten my butt in gear and made more jewelry. Sat and did that last night and it felt fantastic (I got out of it - didn't feel like it, but need more stuff for my online store so I'm trying a few ideas that have come to mind).

Update #3, the house is a f*cking disaster. Why that isn't a surprise I have no idea. I did read something online at work (we have a website that deals with "life problems" that the company provides for us free of charge and there was an article about getting your house in order literally) and I am going to follow their suggestion, 50 mins of cleaning of one area, neatening whatever, and then you give yourself 10 mins to clean up from the mess, they suggest once a week. Obviously, they've never seen my house, so I'm hoping for at least 3 times a week. It's the best I can do, I can't do the "big" push. I hate it.

Better than nothing right?

To go with update #2 is update #4 in which I tell you that I haven't uploaded my photos from the other night yet, but will soon.

Update #5, I have a jam on Saturday....we're jamming Sarah McLachlan, yes, there is a group of men that get together to jam Sarah, and I'm singing. Sharing the singing with a friend of mine, and although I know all the lyrics and vocal lines for all Sarah's tunes, I have to learn the harmony lines for half of the assigned songs. Have I done this yet? Of course not! But I'm getting there. Oh yeah I also have to learn "Train Wreck" because I don't know it all that well.

Fun fun fun!

I am so damned tired from work, was up til 1:30 this morning and then up to get ready to go to work at 7. I'm used to a week of sleeping til almost 10, it just about killed me today, so I suspect bed and early are two words I'll be using later.

Unless, of course, I hear from the crush. Then I won't be able to sleep. My sister told me not to obsess, but, well, I really really enjoyed this guy, so there you go.

Except another thing that I remembered.

He's shorter than me. What the HELL else is new I ask you? Being taller than your average woman sometimes SUCKS!!!! Especially in Montreal!!! Oh well, he's fun, so it's not important.

Could he answer my email already?


Technodoll said...

You know, these cirque folk often don't get on crackbook for weeks, so be patient - he will contact you back!

*joojoo says so*

How about dating a brit? mmmm tall dark and handsome... ok some are! Vegas is 6'4" and I swear I am in heaven, even if I am short, it's HOT!!

I can't date a guy my height or shorter, I just can't. Sorry. I may be shallow but that's just the way it goes.

You need to start hanging around basketball players :-D

ps: any youtube videos of you singing? I'd love to hear!

myself said...

Have I mentioned how impatient I am??? ;-)

I know, I figure he's probably in Japan right now, things are big time a go for the theatre over there and he's directly involved. And I say no more or someone you know could figure out who he is!

I've dated a brit before, but he wasn't tall!

The tall thing, see I was hanging with a guy in January who was the perfect physical specimen for me, being "fat" as George Carlin would say (however 60 lbs less than last October), and over-average tall, he was 6'4", just solid and cute, but a butthead.

So we takes the good with the bad right? And if I get along with someone I don't care what their height is. A guy that is fun and makes me laugh (and has a brain) is always my choice over looks.

I also have a thing for cute guys. As in they don't look their age - baby faces, and for some reason the short thing goes with it (meaning he's my height...not teensy, but if I remember correctly we would be the same height if I didn't wear heels that make me 6 feet tall....)

Anyway...I'm no beauty queen myself....and I have a weird sense of good looking (so I've been told).

I'll hear from him, I'm pretty sure of it, I don't think I imagined his previous interest...

And then again maybe I did!

And no, no youtube of me singing, thank god, I make these's painful for me to watch....At some point there probably will be though...if I keep doing gigs here and there.