Sunday, May 18, 2008

royal bizarrity

Strange as all hell to see this all over the press.

Someone I used to know married Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne of England.

Autumn was a bartender at a bar I used to frequent, she worked with friends of mine, and I spent probably way too much time yakking with her. She was a gorgeous university student at the time, recently out of a very bad relationship, and she was just such a nice girl that no one disliked her. Both women and men enjoyed her and her big smile.

So there she is getting married in front of the Queen of England, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla....etc etc (all except William).

It's hard to reconcile these two people as the same person. Even though I did meet her and Peter at Wendys one New Years day, 2 years ago I think. We were all hung over...but he seemed like a nice enough guy, even though he does resemble generations of Windsors (big ole ears ... every single male in that family has 'em!). I heard tales of the staggette from friends here in Montreal, I've met both of her brothers, and I was sitting beside her cousin in my local pub just last week as he lamented going to this wedding and the book on royal etiquette he had received from them (as in "how not to embarrass yourself in front of royalty 101").

How does a normal girl from a suburb of Montreal meet a royal? Guess you have to look like Autumn to do it....


Technodoll said...

Ah well, every man has the potential to be a prince you know ;-)

Mine has the Brit accent at least, but with normal ears - I'm lucky! ha ha!

Two Date Diva said...

How funny1 Well at least it proves there is a prince out there for every one.

myself said...

Am currently battling the "everyone I know is pairing up" situation, which has me sitting wondering what is wrong with me...even though I know nothing is...we can just add Autumn into the fray LOL. Nahh she's such a nice girl, I don't begrudge her anything!