Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last company I worked at, we had this new client, a big old circus based here in Montreal (figger it out!).

There were two guys we dealt with (I was assistant branch manager - Japanese company, so as management you do the selling). One of which I thought was very cute. Had a crush on him as a matter of fact, think he thought I was cute too.

Anyhoo, by a stroke of "this world is so damned small", I was on the evil "Crackbook" and clicked on a photo commented on by the friend of a friend, and I noticed it had to do with the project I was working on when I worked at the other of the Japanese work site.

So I took a look through the photo album and lo and behold, there is my crush. He's on Crackbook.

So I email.

Cuz I'm getting flirty and brave in my old age.

If he's overseas, I won't hear for a while...if I hear. Hope I hear?

See, you're not supposed to fraternize with the client, but now that I don't work there? Fair game!

He's single. He's cute (to me). And most of all, the time we all went out for dinner (with all my Japanese bosses, so couldn't have as much fun as I could normally do), we had a blast. My boss sat us beside each other because he knew I thought he was cute...and we got quietly loaded on sake together (by quietly, I mean obnoxious in a way as not to embarrass either of our companies!)

Ok, can all be right in the world and he contacts me back?

I'd really like that!


Technodoll said...

LOL! I love crackbook... found a few of my Cirque friends on their too and yes, of course he'll write back! For sure he'll be thrilled to see you have "found him" - I promise you!!

myself said...

Oh carp you don't work at Cirque do you? That would be too funny...

Technodoll said...

LOL no... I wanted to at some point though. One of my best friends has been working there for a decade and I dated a stupid russian performer on Varekai for 2 years... bleh. Glad all that is behind me now. :-D

myself said...

Ahhh ok. Phew!

Gooseberried said...

Good luck! Fingers crossed! :)