Friday, May 9, 2008

boop boop beee dooo!

Ok so my family.

How they irritate me.

As stated before, mother's 60th on Monday, they were coming for dinner in Montreal (live in Ontario now) and we would celebrate then. I had mentioned to my dad that I have a very busy weekend already, so I would fit that in.

Yeah well younger sister #2 emails me to say that plans have changed, dinner in Ottawa on Saturday, then another luncheon at my uncle's place in the Eastern Townships.

Yeahhhhh. Ok, really, no can do.

I don't have time to be spending 8 hours in a car traveling this weekend. I am busy all day Saturday (appointment with one of the dogs, my personal trainer, then a BBQ/jam I am singing in). Sunday was going to be an entire day devoted to my course that my assignments are due in Toronto Tuesday for (and which I have studied NOTHING of). So not a chance.


Always last minute. Pet peeve of mine that. I get the idea that my family assumes that because I'm single I have nothing to do.

Never fear. I have a very full social life, and a huge responsible job that takes alot of my time, and alot of my energy.

Ugh. Families. You can't pick who you end up with can you?

So I have this migraine today. Oh man. Day #2. Someone shoot me please? Or at least come give me a replacement head k? Just til it's gone!?!?!

Yeah ok. Not.

However, it's a dream of mine.

I'm out tonight. I need to get out and have a bit of fun, apparently there's some US marines showing to the bar my friend's band is playing at tonight, I'm going to take photographs. I'm going to have some fun with the marines. Why not I say?

And on I go!


PrincessB said...

Watch out for those Marines! They're hardcore!

Hope you're feeling better!

Technodoll said...

Oooh lordy, I am the queen of migraines... I feel for you, girl. The only med that works for me is this awesome stuff from the UK that Vegas sends me, everything local stopped working aaages ago.

I hope the jackhammers have left you alone by now.

That, and the bugger of a family - why do they always do that? argh!

So, How were them shaved up boys :-D

myself said...

Ahh Princess B, they didn't show up. However, my girlfriend had a friend of hers show and he and I had a good natter and he said I'm a sweetheart (I usually hear that I'm a bitch!). Nice to meet a man I would consider dating, but he's who knows?!?! He likes to go see concerts, there's one I was considering going to see at the end of June (alone) - Sarah Slean, maybe I'll ask him if he wants to also!

Technodoll - I sooo feel for you, migraines have been a huge issue my whole damned life...make me very unhappy.

Finally went away Saturday, I use Zomig and if my codeine doesn't work, I go that route...took 2's the low pressure systems, I suffer all summer.

Families...ugh. That's all I have to say. Told them they could say what a bitch I was behind my back because they will...naturally!

Two Date Diva said...

Kiss a marine for me! Please I beg you.