Saturday, July 4, 2009

note to self

Don't dream.

It just never does come true.


Adventures In China said...

Oh no, this doesn't sound good. I'm sorry for whatever happened. :(

Technodoll said...

Take a few day's vacation and get your butt on a plane and over there - pronto.

Dreams will only die if you let them. It's not all glory and roses, it's also hard work, tears, frustration and despair at times (do listen to me, I know!)


myself said...

I can't go over there right now, it's not work wise feasible, he's working and isn't expecting me, and truthfully, I can't afford it currently (I have access to standby tickets but something needs to be arranged there first)

I'm just finding this difficult, but it's something that came into my dreams so often in the past, and I need to explore it but it's really hard.

Thanks guys. Esp TD because I know you know how I'm feeling right now.