Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Haven't spoken to the Brit for any length yet. Tells me tomorrow.

I dunno.

I would have rearranged my stuff to be able to have a convo with him.


More of the usual.


Adventures In China said...

I'm sorry. It's a bad feeling, I know. I have been in a long distance relationship before, and these moments are awful. I empathize.

Surfergrrl said...

I'm sure you are just wishing all the answers would just pop down in front of you. it's hard "not knowing."

myself said...

Ugh, I'm being stupid I'm sure, I know what he's got going on right now, just I personally would have made an effort to see him online if I had been away for 2 weeks.

But am I in the position to be demanding this? Probably not!

Technodoll said...

He's a man... they sometimes (ok, often!) don't make sense and then say they don't understand what the problem is, everything is ok. UGH.

He better pick up the phone today and call you or I may have to go break his kneecaps!