Thursday, July 30, 2009

bear with me


Ok. I know I told myself this was ridiculous, what was I doing, why am I doing this, how stupid am I??????

Believe me. The amount of self-flagellation. Let's not go there. I'm tired of beating myself up for thinking this could work out. I'm tired of listening to anyone that knows about this (cue my sister) telling me that my thinking of moving and thinking this would work with The Brit etc is insane.

Let's get one thing completely and utterly clear here. I saw the list of office openings back in April. I thought to myself "ohhhh I wonder if I can go to the UK?" back in April. While the whole situation with The Brit is highly convenient, it's not in my reasoning for this possible move. Ok, a teensy bit of it is. A bit of the "what if?". But always always keep in mind the following - I have always wanted to move to the UK.

Everyone, except my sister, but including both The Brit and my dad, see there is no reason why I don't do this. As long as my ducks are all in order.

Um. Yeah. Distance. I understand. There's the issue that we haven't seen each other in 15 years and may not still like each other. Neither of us thinks it to be possible, but it's there, and it might happen. Well, it's not like I'm going to live with the guy. Yes, might live in the same suburb because it seems to be the cheapest place to live, but I'm going there with the idea of renting a house on my own. I'm not moving in with someone that I might not potentially see until November (ok I don't think from conversations that is going to happen, neither of us is particularly happy about the recent events preventing us from seeing each other).

I won't go into details out of respect for The Brit, but we had a good chat today, nice chat, and got a few things straightened out. One of which , the feeling I had that there was a problem, which there is not, and the feeling that this was never going to happen. He assured me that it will eventually, he just needs to get things straightened out with the old job and the new job. Trip to Spain had been planned prior to being made knowledgeable about the layoff, so the timing was very bad in terms of getting himself organized.

And. I'm ok with that.

So in other news, I'm going to an agricultural expo with ladies from the SPCA this weekend at which there will be LINEDANCING classes! (for those not aware, I used to teach line dancing). One of the best Quebec linedance teachers and choreographers, I'm so excited to take a class from him.

You may laugh now.

Then Sunday is the Highland Games, and, well, nothing I like more than accents from over the pond and Men In Kilts, so yowza, let me loose, cuz I need me some caber toss action! Rowr!

I'll see if I can provide some photographic evidence of the cougars hitting on the Men In Kilts. (there's this movie from Canada called Men With Brooms, so we call it Men In Kilts...don't ask)

The Men In Brooms poster.....Paul Gross? HOT. Just sayin' and yes, guess what for those not in the know, Leslie Nielson is a Canadian. And if I did women, I'd lust after Molly Parker (she was in Swingtown which was on one of the big US networks). Check out Deadwood if you ever have the opportunity - it was on HBO and sadly was cancelled before they could end the series......she's in that....

Couple more so you can see the hotness that he is. One from Due South which was on CBS in the 90s for you americans, and just a nice recent one, age has done good things to that man....reer as TD would say.

Apparently I have a type! Dark haired men...with fab smiles...yep.

And that's enough discombobulated crap from me tonight.


Technodoll said...

As long as it's happy discombobulated, I'm all over it!

Whew. What a ride it's turning out to be, innit?

(hugs) to the happy girl :)

myself said...

God help me....

Adventures In China said...

I would like to lick him in that Mountie uniform. YUM.

How great to make a move you're happy with. Go for it! I moved to another state (not quite the same thing, but it was Texas, which is pretty much another country, left all fam and friends behind, and it was the best thing I ever did.

Glad things are worked out with the recent events with him. A big relief I'm sure!