Wednesday, July 15, 2009

day 3, almost 4

And will I make it to 14? Sigh. I am so not patient.

So I'm working on getting all the documents I need to prove my family 's ancestry in the UK. I figure, regardless of what might happen with The Brit and I, I'm going to do some preparation. I'll get my ancestry visa, so I can just go if I get a job. I'm cleaning and selling some stuff, at a minimum it's a good thing anyway, this place is a freaking disaster.

I've wanted to go twice in my life, maybe this is the time I just need to do it.

Called my elementary school friend (yes, we've kept in touch) who lives there now with her husband who is South African, although she hasn't lived in Canada for about 15 years, and has already lived in the UK once before, I thought it might be good to get an opinion from a foreigner based on the differences of living there as opposed to her. I got both her's and her hubby's and both of them said to me "go for it!" but to make sure I have a job first.

I'm neurotic about having work. Like I'm going elsewhere without one?

Natch of course my friend is very excited that she might actually know someone there, because she and hubby keep majorly to themselves for the most part for financial reasons (long story I won't go into).

I wish that a) the Brit would find a computer (which entails getting off the beach and staying sober for a bit - figured this week would be about sleeping, burning and drinking beer with his brother) 2) that 14 days would go by really quickly.

I want to talk to him!

In other news:

Lost it yesterday and emailed Troubled Friend and said "what the hell?". She called me and proceeded to lie thru her teeth. As long as she doesn't blacklist/badmouth me to people we know, it's all good, because I have backed off she has backed off. It's the horse circling bullshit that bothers me. And what I know she does to people she "de-friends". Nasty nasty.

That's about all I have to report at the moment. I'm off to sing tonight. Fingers crossed that my nemesis doesn't show. I don't need the issues. Not tonight.

And finally,

I'm not insecure about The Brit being elsewhere. I'm not insecure that he's going to meet someone he likes more than me, it hasn't happened in 15 years. I just miss talking to him. I'm such an idiot. Yep.


Technodoll said...

LOL as if he would stay incommunicado for 14 days!

Silly girl.

You'll see :-D

myself said...

Oh I dunno, not sure he's going to have access to a computer... :(

Technodoll said...

if he wants to talk to you, he will go out of his way to find one.

wouldn't you? ;-)

myself said...

Yes I would, however, I'm not on vacay with my nosey parents & nosey bro/sis in law, who want to know who this person is their son/bro is corresponding with so frequently.

Can't blame him as I am being secretive as to why I want my dad's passes to be activated and go to the UK!!!! I've told my sister, and I'm sure it will leak up to my parents, but I don't want to discuss it with most people because they will think I am insane!

So, if he can't manage to access his emails (let's remember the state of technology over there in comparison to here, I've personally experienced it myself), then I won't hear from him.

And his mobile doesn't work there. :(


Technodoll said...

boo indeed - how frustrating!!