Saturday, July 25, 2009

maybe crazy.....

So, I'm doing crap around the house. Trying to do some cooking, and trying to do the cleaning, and then I need to tackle the big stuff, room by room.

I'm cleaning-phobic.

I've sold a few things now, I've put my flute up for sale (this is a huge deal, I've avoided it for years, and it's worth alot being a professional instrument). I'm sorting and getting rid....I'm looking at everything as though I *am* moving, I want to simplify. I want to have less crap. I want nothing. It's amazing to me, looking at everything and coming to the realization how little of it really matters to me.

These things I have held onto for years and years and years.

Anyway. That's how my weekend is going.

Can't wait until Monday. The Brit is back and I'm hoping to hear from him. Well, I'm pretty certain I will unless something changed over the past few weeks away. I'm hoping that hasn't happened, and don't feel as though it fingers crossed!

And I hope to hear from the country manager next week, for the UK. Fingers crossed. Don't know if he already has someone over there in mind.

My stommach is in knots, and yet I'm excited about the prospect.

Back to it.

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Adventures In China said...

Oh, I love doing the big clean-out. It's amazing the crap I keep, thinking I'll use it. Have fun!