Friday, July 17, 2009

a new day

So. This will be my first weekend since the Troubled Friend conversation. Should be interesting. Meeting another drama-free friend for dinner, someone we know is playing, then maybe out to visit another friend, or maybe home.

Doing a photo shoot tomorrow for a co-worker who needs promo for his cd/gigs and cover art. Need to find some graffiti...or something like that.....

Oh the things that make life seem so fragile. Horrible accident last night in Montreal, a slab of concrete fell from a hotel and crashed through a glass ceilinged atrium, killing a woman dining with her husband. Life is way too short, and we just have to go for it, you don't have time to waste. Also heard that someone jumped off a hotel downtown this morning, I can't imagine committing suicide....particularly not in that manner, knowing you're about to hit the ground and knowing it's going to hurt like hell.....oh god no.

Dealing with cheap mothers whilst trying to sell my stuff online. I swear to you, one more dumb question.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Oh my god. Don't offer me $100 for a $350 mower that was used once, cuz guess what? I'm not that desperate!

Trying to keep my mind off The Brit, which, considering I wake up thinking of him daily, is rather difficult.

I'm a sap.

Here's to Brits getting computer time in Spain!


Technodoll said...

Yeah people are dumb - offering me half the price of posted items. Like, if I wanted $25 for something I would have posted it for $30, not $50!


So terrible about that woman! :-o


myself said...

I swear, I responded nastily to the last person who did that, and there is more to come. You want the thing at the price or slightly less or you don't, and when I mean firm, I mean firm.