Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fear of cleaning

And the countdown begins.

Is it Monday yet? I’ve never looked forward to Monday before now.

Took some stuff to auction yesterday. Put a bunch of things up on Ebay. Lots on Craigslist etc. If nothing else, the prospect of leaving town is making me work towards my goal of less crap.

Who knew that’s all it took? The idea of moving to the UK….wow.

To give you some background, my ex husband moved out of the house 3 years ago after I kicked him out (after I bought him out). He left anything he didn’t want. Which was most of the house. He basically took what was in 1 room of a 7 room house. Left me with everything.

Well, being a single woman with a relatively busy job etc, I have gotten to some of it, but definitely nowhere near everything.

And as a result, I have so much stuff in my house you have no idea.

I have 2 rooms that are purely storage now. It’s ill. It gives me headaches to think about.

In fact, I hate cleaning so it’s daunting and frightening.

I’ve been talking about doing this for so long. Now that I’m thinking of moving elsewhere, the reality hits that I just own too much. I’m not talking furniture, I’m talking purely garbage.

So. You haven’t been hearing me talking about taking many photos because I haven’t. I’m picking my artists sparingly. I need as much $$ as possible for this move, my divorce, my ancestry visa….visits to the UK as needed etc, that I can’t be spending anything (or much). I need to take care of my debts here. Figure out how to rent my house out and who will take care of it for me. Which pets can come with me and which can’t (I pretty much know the small rodents can’t and neither can the turtles).

All of this in the possibility that my company hires me over in the UK. Irregardless of The Brit and whatever happens with him, I think I actually might want to do this.

Am I crazy?


Technodoll said...

If being alive and following your dream makes you crazy, then the world would be a better place if it had more looneybins!

Sometimes all it takes is a spark to ignite the engine that was on pause for a while.

I love hearing about you on all gears!

myself said...

I am terrified!