Monday, March 2, 2009

one down

One down, another to go.


It went well. I think. I forgot guitar chords, I was nervous for the first set, but I settled down towards the end of the second and in the third.

I had a heckler, friend of Jam Flirt's, but that's ok, I'm used to him and his heckling! All and all a good night.

I went to my friend S's gig afterwards, down the street, but they started singing happy birthday to me so I left (I hate birthdays, sorry, but I do!). I had to get HC back home anyway, the buses had stopped at that point.

Only thing is, I found out the next day that Jam Flirt came looking for me :) I saw him the next day and he asked where I was (I was at his house at the time, long story, more later, maybe).

So last night for my non-birthday we went to trivia night, which is hosted by Jam Flirt. My sister came along, as well as a bunch of friends, they bought me a movie I wanted to see "Passchendaele" - it's Canadian, about the first world war and the Canadians in it. I'll be able to say more later, I wanted to see it in the theatre but it didn't stay long.

Jam Flirt made a question about me in the game, he had been reading my FB page I guess, I told everyone I wanted a particular hockey player for my day, and that's what his question was about. Too funny :)

He wished me a happy birthday and kissed me on the forehead. What does that mean? And then sat down beside me and chatted with me. Um. Hello my lips are down here. Hahahahaha.

I have a huge crush. Dammitall.

But I had fun with my buds and my sister and Jam Flirt and it was a great weekend.

One more show Friday. And I need to prepare and the migraine is going to keep me from that dammitall!

And that's all I got. yeah been a week and that's all I got. Sorry to disappoint!


Technodoll said...

Girl, you never disappoint... Am very glad your show went well! See? Cold be gone!

Effing migraines can kiss my ass. WTF is up with all of that pain anyways?

So. Jam Flirt is done with the blonde bimbo, right? What's he waiting for!

myself said...

Not sure what he's waiting for. Maybe me to confirm I'm interested?

So@24 said...

I've always wanted a heckler. That's when you know you've made it