Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Finally, we have sun AND it's not freaking cold.

Tis a bloody miracle I tell you. March can be so damned...fickle.


Lots of photography coming up, Thursday and Friday as a matter of fact at this point. Tokyo Police Club and Emma-Lee. Both Canadian, so if you don't know them, I won't be insulted, I'm used to that. I love to share my Canadian stuff, but most don't listen to me....oh well.

Hoping for Katy Perry on Monday, but this big acts, doesn't always happen. Manager hasn't contacted me back, so I'm pretty sure it's a no. Dammitall. She's like a comic character, would be so cool to photograph. And then get out because I don't like her music for the most part. Ok, I like Hot N Cold. Because it brings me to my next topic of conversation.



WTF? Seriously. I have NO idea what in hell is going on there. Do I care? Well yes and no. I'd like him for breakfast, but this back and forth thing (and not the good kind) is sort of driving me insane.

So do I just sit back and come to the conclusion he's a friend and will be nothing more? I really don't want to have to see him dating someone else like happened with the leggy blonde.

His best friend who is also a friend of mine, essentially told me he's not sure JF is aware of my liking of him (what is he? blind?) and that I have to put it out there. And that I can't get bent out of shape if I'm going to keep it under wraps.

But how does one go about this?

And I contend he does know. Seriously. Dude would have to be blind not to notice.

It's ok. While I stress over this, my body melts away. Realized the shirt I'm wearing is freaking huge on me, not sure when I shrunk more exactly, but, hey, it's a good thing.

I have to get my arse out to walking and conditioning myself for a 10km walk I'm doing in late April. The knee, well it's still swollen, but the ortho told me that walking shouldn't be an issue, running is. I start physio on Tuesday. Can't come quickly enough thanks!

And that's about all there is to tell in my little world. Back to work, there's so much, economic downturn schmownturn, seriously....


Technodoll said...

Bein lo! You're shy, he's shy, at this rate you'll never get any!

So you tell him "hey, I'm into you". What's the worse that can happen?

ps: yey on the shrinking and getting in walking shape again :-D

myself said...

Um the worst that can happen is that
a) I be completely mortified when he doesn't agree

b) it makes things weird between us, and I am happy with how it is now (with the exception of wanting him on bread)

c) it may mess up the musicalnessosity that I'm enjoying (I made that up, can you tell? :D)