Thursday, March 26, 2009



State of the union.


Get to jam night, he says hello, but runs around rubbing shoulders and giving pointed hellos to everyone, but me.

I got a "hello best photographer in the world" as he ran past to see someone else.

He spent all his time not on stage texting. Someone. This happened last time. When he gets all texty texty, he's interested in someone. Other than me that is. That gets put to the wayside. Me, he's interested, this I know, but obviously not enough to do anything about it. Or I'm in a different "league", who the hell knows?

And then there was my friend. The one that is taking everything I say and picking it apart. I figured (because she told me) that she wouldn't be there last night, another friend of ours came out, figured she and I would have a heart to heart sitch, but no, the other one showed. I'm afraid to say anything around her.

Bit of background from the weekend. JF had prepared a mic for me, my name on the board and everything, so I could do backups on the St Paddy's day float. I assume nothing in this respect, but was rather chuffed when he told me this. My friend was supposed to come along, but dropped out last minute. I find if she thinks she's not going to be the center of attention these days, she doesn't want to do anything.

So, I had a blast at the parade, regardless of singing the same 3 songs over and over about 14 times. (I currently have no love lost for Van Morrison). So when I was home I saw my friend on chat. Told her about the mic etc, and her response was that "well, I was supposed to do that". I blew that off, said that it would have been nice to get lyrics etc for the songs, that maybe JF should do that next time (it was really just a pick-up band for the float), and she said "well I guess you weren't included in that email, I was, because he asked me first, mp3s and lyrics...too bad".

Ok, now, I'm not impressed. See why I walked out last night?

My friend P knew there was a problem. Says to me as I'm leaving "you're mad, and you weren't before she got here".

Yeah well not just her. The whole thing. On one hand, I know I need to probably speak to JF to get this all out in the open. On the other hand, I'll just be disappointed, there is security in not knowing that he's really not interested and that, as per usual, I'm imagining things.

Anyway. Avoidance. Name of the game. If I don't like the situation, I'm outta there.

The look on JFs face when I left. I dunno. I really dunno.

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