Thursday, March 26, 2009

just call me numbskull


Just had a convo with a friend of mine (male) who is very good friends with JF.

Apparently, I am not to take any of his touching, hugs etc as a sign of anything, even the attention that is paid to me. That's just him, and the way he is. He may be interested, but he's not sure, because JF hasn't said a word at this point.

So. I've been proven incorrect yet again.

He's also not in the place right now. The leggy blonde? When JF started showing what I interpreted as interest, she was already in the picture.

This is why I don't get involved with the opposite sex. I obviously have no clue whatsoever about them.

P (my male friend above) says that I am cynical, which does 2 things. Protects me from the bad guys, but also protects me from the good ones. So true.

And yet, I don't see it changing anytime soon. No one likes getting hurt, but I really do everything I can to protect myself from it.


How is it that I'm always wrong?


Technodoll said...

Listen. If the guy doesn't have enough balls to ask you out when he's interested, walk away.

You are worth way too much to be toyed with, put on a shelf and taken down to play when he feels like it.

And if he's not interested and is just being friendly, forget the baloney, you deserve better on your bread. Take a hard look at him and ask yourself "what do I really see in him?" He probably has a small weinie anyways.

Your streak of bad luck WILL end and it's NOT you. It's THEM!

myself said...

It's not the toyed with, it's not the baloney, it's the fact that if I feel something, I won't act on it. Period, paragraph. Not happening.

And I really don't feel like my luck will end. Ever. It's ridiculous.

Surfergrrl said...

I agree with Techno. You've wasted too much time and energy on overthinking every move JF makes. He opened the door, he decided not to walk in. Period. This has nothing to do with the person you are. If you think you are cynical and you think this doesn't help the situation, work on that so that you can change your perspective. Everyone has been hurt. Don't let that be some kind of sentence you have to live with the rest of your life. It will only hurt you.