Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm alive!

Yes I know.

Bad bad bad blogger.

I've been too busy, both at work (where I usually blog) and personally, it's been slightly insane between all the things I do, so just let it fall by the wayside for a week or so.

It's been a weird few days, bizarre. JF....I dunno what in hell. He and I had a conversation today that was just odd, considering last night's goings on....sigh. I have absolutely no clue what's up.

I'm in the parade on Sunday (St Paddys' yes, late, because Chateauguay and Montreal switch, one is before, one is later than the day). Anyone local, wave if you see me (you know who you are!). Then out to the pub after for dinner, which is good with me.

All of this with JF. However, JF's ex will be around, although that didn't stop him from his hugs previously. I dunno. I just don't.

I am supposed to pick up my guitar today, which I had doohickeyized (I had a pick up put in so I can just plug and play). I'm off for the afternoon you see, on a course. Hahahaha, finished about an hour and a half ago.

I'm fostering a bunny from the SPCA. He's adorable. And I hope he and my babe get along. For those that have lost count, including rodents and turtles, that makes 11 animals. So what? Whaddya gonna make of it?

Work is insane. Recession what?

And so happy am I that Montreal has now been tagged with the label of famous actor killer. Yay our medical system? Yeah yeah, poor Natasha Richardson, as the sufferer of a few concussions (mild), I can't believe this poor woman died from head whackage. I knew she was brain-dead before all y'all knew, a colleague's close family member was a medic on the flight from Montreal to New Jersey....very sad all the same. Waiting for Mont Tremblant to be nailed with a lawsuit. American litigiousness....

So. Another busy weekend. And I need to make some dog food. So I bid y'all adieu for now, when more coherent, I'll write more, I only had 3 hours sleep last night...


Technodoll said...

3 hours of sleep would land me in loonyville with padded walls - woman, how do you do it! LOL!

I can barely manage to take care of two critters, well three counting the tall one with two legs. Sheesh.

Super tragic about Natasha, I mean wow - death can hit anyone anytime, and all the fame and fortune in the world don't mean a whit. I just feel sorry for her husband, Liam :-(

Anonymous said...

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