Friday, March 6, 2009

stressed much?

"Hello my name is Myself and I'm a panicoholic"

*room nods and says "hi Myself"*

Yeah. I am officially freaking. I thought last week was bad, but this week is worse.

Why, after having done one gig already, am I freaking out you might ask?

He will be there. Jam Flirt. Watching me.

Yeah he's at jam night (freaking hosts it), and he's heard me sing, but that's classic rock stuff for the most part, which, no insult to it meant, doesn't mean much to me. The tunes I've chosen for my gig, either mean something to me, or the lyrics do, and I guess, it's like laying my feelings on the line.

And he's going to get a dose of my feelings.

Holy carp.

And just seeing him will make me panic.

However, on a good note, my outfit for tonight is smashing, my friend M requested cleavage, and cleavage we will have. with a hint of brassiere. Yep. I am a ho, but that's ok, cuz I admit it right?


More news tomorrow after this is done.

I will say Jam Flirt emailed me with compliments. Nice ones. and told me not to worry and stop being so damned hard on myself.

I'll try :)

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