Friday, March 27, 2009

my heart resides elsewhere

And as happens frequently, my mind has turned to my friend pk today.

I've mentioned him before. He's from here, but works down in the US, comes into town every few weekends, we meet up sometimes, sometimes not.

I'm sure I've also mentioned he and I used to have a mutual thing for each other, but due to a few reasons, one of them his moving to another city in Canada due to necessity, nothing ever happened. He moved back here almost 2 years ago, but has spent most of his time down in the Southern US on these contracts.

Almost out of the blue, like he knew I was feeling somewhat blue today, he started a chat.

I miss him. I can't explain it. This is one "relationship" I've never been able to explain to anyone. First and foremost we're friends, secondly, we get each other, always have.

Anyway. He's home for easter. There's a bottle of sake with our name on it. Meant to give it to him for 2 years, but even though we've met up frequently, it's never gotten there. So he's decided we need to sit and drink it. I'm down with that. Except he's been warned that I'm sleeping on his couch.

Why is it this little thing of seeing him makes me soooo damned happy? I missed him when he was in TO, I've missed him when he's been in the US, I just freaking miss him.

Sigh. So I guess next weekend hungover posts will abound. Ha!


Technodoll said...

Girl, pardon me for saying this but you need a good night of luvins. With someone you care about so that the next morning there are no regrets, only encores.

It would make a big dent in melting your cynicism, I'm sure... You're only human. Being single for so long would take its toll on anyone.

So hey, it'll be your Easter weekend... act like a Bunny, will you! You deserve the time-out.


myself said...

I don't do that. I just can't. Particularly with hin. That'll bring it all back......

And...I worry about what it would do to our friendship/relationship as it stands.

Not a good idea.

That's the problem, I'm stupid sensible that way.

Technodoll said...

Dammitall! Can you at least cuddle??