Monday, February 23, 2009


Ok it's bad when I don't have enough time to sit and blog. I'm sitting at the 'puter working or preparing for my concert. Saturday.


Jam Flirt won't be there, he's working that night, but hopefully at the next one (I told him he's forgiven if he shows to the second one tee hee, yes, my attempt at flirting!). Bummer.

Sigh. Work. So much of it, management in such a freaking panic. CEOs don't take kindly to being told to relax.

It's so bitterly cold out now too. I can't take it anymore, I'd appreciate that it go the hell away.

Bunners is good. I love my rabbit. She's adorable. And loves me. And loves to wake me up, either by making a mess in her cage (she rips all the newspaper to shreds) or by waking me up by running over my head.

Who needs an alarm clock?

Hammie wheels are turning, my turtles want food, and the dogs are asleep. Cat loves rabbit.

And I need to run thru my tunes and go to bed.

So as I've just bored the shite out of you all, I'm off...

enough of this boredom!


Surfergrrl said...

ha ha! i can see the wheels spinning in your mind. :) i want to email you back, but every single time i start an email at work, my project manager comes by. I swear it's like clockwork!!! Anyway, I have a busy day but I'll try to sneak it in. :)

Technodoll said...

Blogs are for dropping in and ranting or raving, your own personal journal to record your life in! We loves it and how's your cold, are you able to sing Saturday night? Cuz we'll be there :-)