Wednesday, January 21, 2009

this 'n that...'n this?

So...good news, my friend was allowed into her apartment last night for 5 mins to gather some stuff (clothing and things she doesn't really want to lose). The engineers haven't decided what they'll be tearing down yet, so the rest of the furniture etc hasn't been removed, but the insurance company is at the ready to do what they need to do with it, assess etc. I'm fairly certain that they'll be rebuilding her part of the building at a minimum, it was a year and a half old, when this happened.

Miss the hamster is still pissed off, although this doesn't stop her from accepting treats from me, however, I'm not her mom, so she's displeased and probably pretty much confused. But FREAKING ADORABLE!

It's jam night tonight, I guess I'll go, my friend S is supposed to turn up. That should be good. Or not. I have no idea. The whole FB thing creeps me out in respect that I can see what Jam Flirts little girlfriend is up to on mutual friend's walls etc, and that makes me a bit uncomfy. Truly, I want to know nothing about this woman, first off because I don't much like dim witted people (yes that was mean, but omg she can't even spell, and her grammatical errors get written, that drives me insane, I might say "sammich" for example, but I'll usually type it "sandwich" unless I'm trying to be cute for some reason), and truly, I don't want to be too friendly because I believe her days are numbered.

And it irritates me to no end that she exists anyway.

Workwise, doing all sorts of official crap for various governmental agencies and my company, and want to tear my hair out. You dudes down in the US have so messed with everything up here, the government agencies want us to be ridiculously secure to the point of stupidity, just like it's supposed to be down there. Let's face facts, considering it's not THAT secure at your airports's all a whole bunch of hooey for which I am wasting my time...seriously, save me from the bullshit.

Ok back to work, and then lunch during which I go over tunes for my gigs. I'm learning, I hope. New song for me, suggestion of S, "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer, easy tune, I'm thrilled.....


Technodoll said...

I'm sooo relieved for your friend... fires wreck lives in unbelievable ways. I hope her stuff comes out all ok!

When can the lil'hamster go home again, do you think?...

ps: can't wait for the show! woohooo!

myself said...

Lil hamster leaves me tonight, tomorrow, Friday, friend is living with her parents, but seems to have convinced them that the hamster is not evil (her mom is afraid of rodents).

She'll be happier with my friend anyway, I can't pick her up because she's not used to me, so she'll be happier being able to be out of her cage every now and again with her mom!

Gooseberried said...

It's crazy the stress people have to deal with. Hope your friend is doing OK.