Wednesday, January 14, 2009

quick question

Did I move to Siberia overnight but am not aware?

-36C with the fucking wind chill.
That is insane.


Have to run the car for 1/2 hour otherwise you risk running metal on metal in the engine - oil is thick and takes a while to warm up. Should have hear what my car sounded like when I started it this morning.

I'll leave you with this image:

This is what one looks like in winter in Montreal.....if you brave the outdoors that is (I love my car).

Much thanks to the Gazoo (aka the Montreal Gazette) from whence I stole the photos :)


Technodoll said...

One word...


*layers on 18 pieces of clothing to take the bleddy dogs out*

myself said...

my dogs got out this afternoon and looked at me

"you are goddamned kidding right mom?"


Surfergrrl said...

All I've got to say is that's seriously f'n cold. Holy shit!!! brrrrrr.

myself said...

yeah, it's insanely cold. I just came in from jam night (as you can see I never learn as it's 2:26 am - BUT I both have a photo gig and another music gig for March :)))))
and I haven't warmed up yet, been in the house easily 20 mins already.

Go away cold air!!!!