Thursday, January 22, 2009


Actually I didn't sing last night. Not once. They tried. Oh Jam Flirt tried. But no.....not last night, lost my voice AGAIN (I'm starting to panic a bit for my 2 gigs because of it), and just wasn't in the mood, I was enjoying watching everyone.

We had a good time though. Felt like a right old lady, young 20 year old dude, just a bit chubby, short (don't know why I end up with guys shorter then me), just the cutest thing....if I was 20 years younger....

Where are those guys that are now my age, but were like that back then?


Anyway, was up til 4 am....yeah, I'm nuts, I've lost it. Jam ended about 2, and one of the guys invited us to go to La Belle Province with them, which at that very moment sounded like a fantastic idea (just fyi, there are 3 guys, all friends, one is Jam Flirt, his friend Ya Man, and the friend Goof, yeah that just about describes 'em all). Goof asked my friend S and I.

So there we were, the 5 of us, had a good time eating our dogs and poutine (although I will admit I mostly ate only the top layer of fries, but dug out all the cheese with gravy).

I also discovered a few things. Jam Flirt, still flirting with me. Jam Flirt, keeps an eye on my FB page apparently, asking me questions about my statuses (like the cold #2 and was I feeling better?). He keeps an eye on it..hrmmm...this is a man with 300-500 friends....keeping track of me means actually having to go looking at my page. Very interesting.

But I'm not going to worry about it. What will be will be.

But dammitall he's hot. In his not-so-hot way. Sigh.

I'm so tired today though. But I managed to get us an interview with a big client. Woot!

Ok gotta go make dinner, I'm freaking starving.


Technodoll said...

And now we're the weekend! You ended the week on a high note, the poutine was digested, Jam Flirt's so gonna cheat on his floozy... isn't life grand? LOL LOL

Rest well... we needs your voice in March, oh you gorgeous siren, you! ;-)

Surfergrrl said...

ugh! i can understand about the cold. I've had this annoying cough my entire trip and i was coughing like crazy at jump training. why can't I just get a head cold. :) oh, jam flirt. he's still got ya!

myself said...

I can't believe you had to do an entire vacation with a cough, that must have sucked something wicked