Thursday, January 29, 2009


Did my exam for my course, got 100% like I usually do (I could teach the freaking thing), and off I came home early. Worked a bit, did dishes, slept, and this evening I spent alot of time with my lovely little bunny girl (I haven't decided on a name yet, I might keep the one she had at the SPCA, can't think yet, I need to know her personality a bit better). She nips when she wants your attention. Cute.

Then I cleaned her cage, she's funny, she is litter trained however is pooping in her cage to let me know it's her area. Going to take her a bit to get used to being here. Bunnies are very territorial. The cat could care less, as could the bunny which is rather funny, they sort of ignore each other.

Cleaned the hammie cages....and now everyone is happy. Except maybe the new hammie Brandy, she's just a baby and was rather traumatized by the changing of the bedding....hasn't gone in her little shelter yet as a result. And is terrified of any move I might make. Funny little thing.

The dogs are pleased that I've been home more than usual during a week day (2 of them actually) and teh turtles, well, they are sunning themselves, I don't much figure into their day except when I clean the tank out (which they hate, because I leave them temporarily with very little water) and when I feed them every second day. The big one is currently falling every time she tries to get on the sunning rock. I shouldn't be amused, but it keeps her busy.

Hammie wheels, hammie wheels hammie wheels.

Jam night last night. Jam flirt very concerned and attentive when he saw my lovely and stylish leg brace. I ran (well, not really) out to the car to get something and he gave me hell and said to ask next time.....what he doesn't know is that I'm a very "I'll do it myself person".

We chatted for a while, mostly about music, he had asked for a song list of mine, so he could pick a few tunes I do to learn, but like I warned him, my taste is eclectic and a bit weird, but he said that he respects my musical tastes and actually thinks my choices/tastes are quite amazing.

He also knew all about my knee already. He reads my Facebook page. How etrange.

No addiction to the phoning or texting, he still looks a titch sad, wonder what's up on that front.

I'm just being friendly and flirty. What else can ya do?

Anyhoodles, I need to do a bit of rehearsing....I'm starting to worry, which he told me I shouldn't do. Next week is his night at the place I'm playing (one of them) and then he's at the other place the day after. Will I look like a groupie if I turn up at both? The Friday is great for photography....the next, not so much, but it's his originals band, so I'll check it out.

And on that note. Off I go. Enjoy all.


So@24 said...

Get those hammies some rolly balls

Technodoll said...

You're an awesome zoo-mama! Where are your crew's pics, dammit!

Wanna seeeee.

Don't worry what JF thinks or doesn't think... you go there for the music, right? ;-)

myself said...

So@24 - they've got rolly balls and they LOVES 'em!

TD - The pics will come when everyone is more comfy! No scaring the beasties with flash!

And I try not to worry about JF, it just makes me wonder on occasion. He keeps saying things that make me go "huh?"

And yeap. The music. I go for the music, I have so much fun with everyone...they're a fun bunch...