Sunday, January 4, 2009

and back I go...

Back to work tomorrow.

Let's summarize my vacation.

Sleep, snotty nose, more sleep, barking like a dog, more sleeping, throwing up due to barking too much, sleep, exhaustion, alot more sleep, forcing food down my throat because I'm not hungry, sleep....see a trend?

Saw a couple of friends here and for the most part I was sick and slept.


Do I feel like I had any time off? Nope. Because I slept 11 days away. Yay.

Yesterday's buffet/jam session was interesting. Received a message from my friend that Jam Flirt would be in attendance. No biggie, I was taking HF with me anyway, my friend S wanted to meet him, and he was a bit depressed yesterday, so it worked out well.

Yeah well I get there and not only is Jam Flirt there with his other friend, he's brought the "girlfriend". Yeah. I put that in quotations for a reason and you'll find out what that is shortly.

Turns out my friend S knows the "girlfriend" from a bar she plays in, "girlfriend" doesn't work there anymore (waitress) but anyway... S looks at me and mouths "I couldn't get to the phone to call you & warn you!"

No biggie. I have so much more going for me than this woman, except that she's thin and very pretty, but that's where it ends, it really didn't matter. And let's face facts, I was there with HF, he's hot, they don't know who he is (except I'm honest to a fault, I said we work together).

So. I behaved as I usually do, like I'm crazy, roaming around, playing tunes, brought out my guitar which Jam Flirt is in love with (the 12 string), playing with my friend A's daughter (we redheads stick together). They're my friends, we were having a good time, I'm not behaving differently.

EVERYONE absolutely loved HF, I think doing the dishes also got him many points, but everyone said they could totally see why I like him so :)

Please note that he was very comfortable with everyone. But he's a personable guy.
The "girlfriend" on the other hand looked uncomfortable the entire time. Jam Flirt didn't sit beside her once the whole time, just went outside with her one time for a smoke (she got him started smoking again, sigh, people who smoke...)

They left early (she had a dinner with someone elsewhere) and the party went on until much later.

On the way home, HF, who knows that I was interested in Jam Flirt, gave me his assessment. He's the most observant man I know. Seriously.

- Jam Flirt is a nice, intelligent guy, personable, confident and fun to be around

- she is not a "girlfriend", she's just a date

- Jam Flirt likes me better than the "girlfriend", interacts more with me then her, watches me when I'm across the room, smiles at me constantly and generally enjoys my company

- as soon as he realises there's not much to her, it'll be done and over with - HF figures pretty quickly because there's not much there other than perhaps physical attraction

- that Jam Flirt is somewhat in awe of me, because of my singing, the instruments I play etc. Please note this man is a professional musician who sings and plays his fair share of instruments also. No reason to be in awe of me.

Which is all exactly the same thing that both myself and my friend S thought.

Funny that.

It's generally thought, by myself as well as my friend S, that he had no idea I was interested, in fact until I told her I was, she said she had no idea. HIs friends kept asking me why I was going to jam night and I think they were fishing to find out if I enjoyed Jam Flirt, but I won't engage in shit like that, he wanted to know, he could ask and find out.

Anyway. I'll continue to go to jam night because I enjoy it, and continue being me, because I'm not capable of anything else, and keep photographing and keep meeting new people, and who knows what might happen in the future.

And that's the most positivity I can muster at this moment! :)


Surfergrrl said...

I think what you're doing is a good idea. Just be the cool, kick ass girl you are and good things will happen. All I could muster today myself. Starting to feel just slightly human.

myself said...

glad to hear you're human...and yeah, I'm me, nothing I can do....HF is positive something will happen, but I don't do eggs/baskets/chickens cuz, well, this is my

Technodoll said...

Still, it peeves me that he is trying to play the field when he's so obviously into you... it's winter dammit, there is NO greener grass anywhere!

Maybe I should call the guy and offer to sell him a spine :-D

At least HF is an honest and true presence in your life. That makes up for alot.

myself said...

TD, truly, I don't think I gave him much to go on....I am SO afraid that I'm getting the wrong idea from guys (gee ya think after the past bit?) that I think I came off as buddy material and he went for what was offered to him because I didn't offer much. Keeping in mind also, I don't know him very well, they have a history...common friends and such.

Ah who the hell knows? I certainly have no clue obviously.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Women who have musical talent automatically get bonus pts.

myself said...

Well TR, men who think musical talented women get bonus points get some as well!