Thursday, January 15, 2009

not over yet? really????

I'll show you the above photo, that's Montreal in the background, our lovely gorgeous city, which is currently having issues with water main breaks due to the cold (well that and a typically badly maintained Montreal infrastructure, what a shocker?).

When there's "steam" coming off the St Lawrence river (yes, Montreal is an island, little geography lesson there...), that means cold. Means fucking cold. Means that on every bridge or elevated expressway there's black ice to a dangerous extent. They closed the Bonaventure expressway, which leads down to one of the bridges off the island (actually a major one). I'm thanking my lucky stars that I neither live down there nor are any of our export clients today located down there. That'll be a fantastic mess.

See there's a temp at which salt no longer works, and I'd say at -26C and a wind chill of between -40 to -50C, we're way beneath that.

My dogs just say no. They get out the door (and I'm not out of it yet even) and they pee on the driveway. Maybe we get halfway down the driveway before they're done and pulling me back to the house. And poop is for indoors apparently, when it's cold. Sigh. Tried putting down paper, they go beside it.

I love my dogs, really I do.

Did make the trek to jam night last night. Jam Flirt made me get up with my guitar and do some solo accoustic stuff because actually he's never heard me before. I sucked, but apparently not too badly, because his friend booked me for late March. 2 gigs. Wow.

He himself was actually very complimentary. I only flirt occasionally now because I've decided that first off no guy needs the ego massage and secondly, he needs to figure out his girlfriend is an airhead and get rid of her.

She is. If it wasn't mean (and or illegal) to post a photo I have of her, I would. I swear to you that you can see thru this bitch's head via her eyes. And the messages she leaves on FB on my friend's walls? Oh my. Spelling & grammar are optional. She's blonde, tall & thin and that's where it ends. But men are numbskulls frequently as a friend of mine tells me, and, in his words, alot of them give the decent ones a bad name. Again his words, looks last only so long. And that's so very true. But I guess I've been lucky, I have a very strange sense of what I consider to be attractive...which means I usually pick people based on what I like about their personality, and they aren't ueber attractive generally (except HF, he's the hottest thing alive, and kind, and sweet etc), so there's an attitude thing that I don't have a problem with.

Ok that probably makes no sense. However. Suffice to say, I'm not fawning over this dude, end of story. I'll flirt if flirted with and that's where it will end.

Ok back to my work. I'm sitting in my office with the temp jacked up, and yet still freezing my arse off. yahoo.


Surfergrrl said...

i have no idea how you guys are handling the hold. that's beyond annoying and heading into dangerous. I know I would be a huge pussy if I lived there. ha ha! I can't believe I said that. :)

Technodoll said...

Only -14C tomorrow... heat wave :-D

I hate those tall slim blondes, too - as a general rule. Specially if they have boobs.

Don't get me started!!

so... TWO gigs now... congrats, girl! WOW!!!