Wednesday, January 7, 2009

take off to the Great White North

20-25cms (that's about 10 inches to you guys south of the border).

It's not as bad as last year, but it's annoying enough.

Sigh. I'm tired of winter. Can it go away now?

Finally got out for a run last night, happy happy, it's been about a month, between subzero temperatures (bad for inhaling when you're an asthmatic) and that cold-from-hades, I haven't gotten out. So now I need to work back up to my previous time...I can run the whole way, the lungs end up on fire. It'll take me about another month to get there I guess.

So, my company let us out early, I'm a manager, I'm not supposed to take advantage, but fuckit, I did anyway, didn't want to get stuck in the mega traffic. Place was empty (skeleton staff means about 2 people...heh!!). All the freight is messed up anyway, most of the flights are backed up or cancelled, even out of Europe where they're also having a hell of a time with snow. In fact our Milan agent emailed to say they were closed as was the airport. Airports. Whatever.

On average, Montreal destined/origin flights are 2-5 hours delayed. Yeehaw. So there's not alot we can do anyway. Truckers are getting nowhere....pointless...early day.

Jam night tonight. That's just down the street, so I can get down there without issue (that is if the rest of them show). Let's see how I manage singing tonight, I'm practising for a gig in the next month or so, I can sing on average maybe 5 songs before I lose my voice. Leftovers from the plague.

And really, that's about it.


Technodoll said...

I hope you have snow chains for your tires with the way the crap is piling up outside now! I don't care if you're just walking down the road, be careful young lady!

So sick of this winter. Is it April yet??

myself said...

Ah it wasn't so bad actually, I did have to call my driveway guy and ask him to come do my drive for me while I was out though, otherwise I would be stuck in teh street at 2 am - and we're not allowed to park in the street during the winter....

I'm tired of it too. Enough already.

Surfergrrl said...

I get cold just reading your blogs. ha ha! Are you running outside? damn! I would freeze in a heartbeat if I was in that weather. I've become such a weather wuss living here.