Monday, January 26, 2009

taking a bow


I know I've told you all that I'm an incredible klutz, and if you were around about this time last year, then you know I broke my tailbone in February slipping on ice on my way out of my house last.

Well, not to be outdone, I've gone and done it again.

Saturday, while there was a gentleman here to buy my old winter tires & rims, I fell. Slipped on dog pee (it's been very cold and one of them decided if they didn't tell me they needed to go then it wouldn't involved being outdoors in the cold sooooo), fell hard on my left knee. Luxated my patella (which in english means that my kneecap went travelling where it should NOT have been) and no idea what else I did. Can't bend the leg without great pain, can't move it certain directions, so it's immobilized in what's called a Zimmer brace, and I see the orthopedic surgeon next week when the swelling has hopefully gone down considerably.

Only me. Apparently walking in a straight line is not my thing. Go figure.

Called my boss this morning and his response was "what did you do to yourself now?"


Funny thing happened at the hospital though (which was a bloody short wait for that hospital, 4 hours and I was done, 1 nurse, 2 docs and 1 session of x-rays - lucky to be the only ortho case that night). The "normal" (non-ortho) doctor that saw me, I've not had him before, but I've seen him before, he's cute, blonde, blue eyed, glasses and short (oh well can't have 'em all). I remember thinking this before.

Anyway, my sister and one of her nursing school mates had been discussing their single siblings and had wanted to fix me up with her doctor brother. Yeah, my doctor from Saturday. Don't think he'd want to go out with me at this point though, because I think he was secretly laughing at my klutz factor on Saturday, while trying to be very serious....

Small world.

Anyway. It had been a decent weekend until then, but my friends and I would like the bad luck thing to cease, and seeing as it's chinese new year, let the good luck begin k?

Yeah, sounds good to me!


Technodoll said...

Yey! Happy Chinese New Year!

May no more falls, slips, twists, knocks or cracks happen, woman!


ps: doctors are no good to date, never available and full of germs. run away!

myself said...

You know, I have to be good at something right?

Meh, doctors never being available makes them kinda high on my list, they won't inhibit my ability to go photograph everything, volunteer, sing, etc etc etc (oh and spend quality time with my leetle pets that I love so much!)

I need to meed a man that actually makes me want to spend time with him. Thought I had actually :(

Gooseberried said...

Let's all fucking hope so. I could use some good luck.

Surfergrrl said...

oh no!! dude that sucks! You need to move out of that city. ha ha. but seriously, hope it heals quick!

myself said... an arse

And this time I didn't slip on ice, I slipped on my own floor.

Only me :)