Friday, January 2, 2009

bad bad blogger

Ok in my defense, I'm still feeling like hell. My sister with this cursed cold has a lung infection, I'm terrified I might get that (I have chronic asthma & bronchitis - if I get something in there I could be sick for quite a in months).

Let's keep the fingers crossed.

I'm supposed to be doing some singing tomorrow and I lose my voice after about 3-4 songs. Kerist. I'll take my honey with me.

Musical lunch/dinner - I'm taking HF along with me. He can meet the clan, he'll enjoy himself I'm sure.

New Years. Yeah. Lovely. I know it's not me....a male friend's hypothesis is that he was keeping his options open. This blonde woman is new. Probably met her around the same time he met me. In fact, I remember her from his gig. And she didn't hang around long, so I don't think they were seeing each other then (and he had alluded to future concerning he and I that night, so I'm sure they weren't involved).

Anyway. That's done. Just going to let this slide, I have potential business for photography through this guy, so I have to keep contact I'm afraid. And I enjoy Jam Night anyway.

She's not very smart (I talked to her for a bit - long story but she's friends with someone that I am friendly with) and she's quite frankly a bimbo....which surprises me with him, he's an intelligent man, except that obviously that is not necessarily what he's looking for in a woman.

And he told me how hot I looked too....twice. Sigh. Fucking figures.

He bought the inferior product. Sorry but :)

So I'll just stick to my platonic male friends, and just ignore men again. Yeehaw.

Happy news was had, friend of mine, Computer Geek, lives here in Montreal, but works down in the US - he's going to be home for 5-6 months. I miss him when he's not here. He's been a friend for a long time - over 10 years, used to live next door. He's seen me at the absolute worst times in my life. Been there for me. I think there might have been something there a while ago, but because of his travelling for work (back only 1 weekend in 4 on average), well nothing happened ever. I cried when he moved to another Canadian city long time ago. I do adore him :) And I should get a salary as his personal secretary (long story, old joke - suffice to say I'm one of the few that he talks to, his friends call me to find out where he is and what he's up to).

And that's the state of me at the moment.

Going to hit the sack, still damned tired.


Surfergrrl said...

good to hear your friend is moving back. as far as the rest? yeah, we talked about this. btw, i hung out with crush last night and he asked me if i wanted "company" after and I said no. ha ha!

Princess Pointful said...

There is something a little heartwarming about knowing you are the keeper he'll never get to keep, at least, right?
Happy New Year!