Monday, January 12, 2009

the state of the union

Well it wasn't my union!

Attended the wedding of Technodoll and Vegas on Saturday. I was rather chuffed that I was asked along considering that TD and I only met in person for the first time in December, but I had fun, they and friends are essentially nuts (this is a requirement for me personally, we have to have some of the same qualities :P).

Honestly, I hope for them all the happiness in the world, they seem a nicely suited couple, the bride was gorgeous, the groom was hot (um hello TD how could you not have given him the time of day when you first met?) yet casual, and the judge was the nastiest bitch known to man! Holy 4-letter-word-starting-with-a-c!!!

Anyway, for brunch I was located at the "bad" table...we were all rather loud and obnoxious and one of TD's friends has the coolest job in the world. Or just a bizarre job I never would have thought someone would do for a living? Nice place TD picked for brunch...I will be going back there down the line!

Unfortunately I had to rush off because my meter ran out for my car and I had no freaking change between the meter for the courthouse and the meter near the restaurant.

Got strings for my mandolin, picks, a new capo, and some finger picks....then went home to panick because....wait for it, I got booked for a solo gig in March. Happy 40th to me, I am finally at my age getting out there and doing more singing/performing. I want to puke at the thought, but I need to be doing this and I can use the cash frankly!

Birthday dinner for a friend Saturday, out to see a favorite band, brunch with a friend Sunday morning and then an invite out to quiz night by friend of Jam Flirt (who is not interested in me....he asked my friend and I to go join *them*). I went with my friend S, and we had a good time, and we won the quiz night! Jam Flirt was his usual, and I got a kiss on the cheek. But his FB status has changed to nothing as opposed to single, and seeing as I've been in that boat before, I assume that means he and the vacant blonde are seriously seeing each other.

I don't get men and I never will. Seriously.

And there you have it. Today I didn't have 3 seconds to think for all the work being piled on me, I'm tired, I'm crabby, and I'm thinking I need to just hide from people for a bit. Maybe no jam night this week. Maybe no nothing this week. Dunno.


Surfergrrl said...

how fun that you went to the wedding! don't even try to get men, it's not worth it.

myself said...

Yeah the wedding was short but very sweet, really good couple....they obviously lurves each other very much (insert finger down throat to simulate throwing up here)

Seriously though, they are a good couple.

As for men. Yeah. No kidding. I give right the hell up!

Technodoll said...

Ya know, a few of my male friends are also looking with no success... (ME you sat at his table, LOL!) So I think it's a problem both sexes have in this crazy "modern" world.

If I hadn't met Vegas - er, well if he hadn't met me... - I don't think I would be with anyone right now, to be honest. Been through too much crap with too many disappointments.

One day at a time, it's all anyone can do.

ps: was I there on Saturday?? LOL!

myself said...

Yes I got that one of the 3 crazy people is single (and with good reason apparently). See, I can imagine he might be a bit over the top for some people, but I can tell he's a reallllllyyyyy nice guy, and cute....and the crazy is alot of then I guess I don't understand women any more then I do men do I?

Lots of us terrific single types out there, just wish some of us could manage to match up?


Yes. You were there. Believe me! I have photographs to prove it!