Saturday, April 18, 2009

smelly hair wonderfulness!

So, I'm mucho late doing this....I've been very remiss.....however....

Thanks to the wonderful people at, I am checking out the new Hydralicious shampoo line....

Now, I'll admit, I already use Herbal Essences, Body Envy, so I am somewhat biased towards this brand anyway. I have horrible thin, bodiless hair, and it's one of the very few that actually does anything.

So, I got my lovely care package from and lo and behold, Hydralicious shampoos in every type!

Now, I can only use the one for thin, limp hair (how sad does that sound?), so I gave the others away, one set to a friend, another set to a co-worker, who are going to report to me how they like it.

So, me and the Featherweight shampoo & conditioner are now like "this" (imagine me crossing 2 fingers!)

Oh.the.smell. What I love about the Herbal Essences, is true for the Hydralicious.

Now generally speaking, I normally am unable to use conditioner, I have dry ends to my hair, but conditioner weighs it down something wicked. Well, I can now! Wow, it actually works well! My hair is in great shape, and I can condition it!

Well recommended, seriously, and the ladies so far are very pleased, each with their Self-targeting and Reconditioning shampoos and conditioners....

Love it.


Technodoll said...

I had a hard time giving away all the coupons they sent with the package, I mean how much shampoo can a person use! LOL!

I used to love the brand until I found out that P&G are one of the worst in the world re: animal testing... yep, that shampoo? Some bunny suffered burning eyes at some point... uggh.

I reported back Thanks but am not recommending it to anyone, based on the fact of animal cruelty.

But that's just me :-)

PrincessB said...

Oooh. I use the long hair one, even though my hair isn't long. It smells like raspberries. Yum!