Friday, April 17, 2009


Seriously, I'm alive. Barely, but that's because I'm sick, yet-a-freaking-gain, and very busy in both work and side well as SPCA stuff (5 hamsters. Yeah. shut up k?)

Photography has been insane, to list people you will all actually know (or may not first one is an older dude), I photograped (and met) Johnny Winter (my contact was his guitarist who is a good looking dude!) and also photographed The Fray - meeting a contact from Sony BMG that complimented my photography and is sending me an invite to a CD launch for a new local band. Woot?

So, of course, it's never all bad right.

Between work, chatting with PK and sleeping my arse off, I've pretty much had no time. Didn't even jam this week, which is fine, because Jam Flirt and the Leggy Blonde are back together, and jesus murphy if Leggy Blonde isn't a cling-on who is irritating me (perhaps due to what I suspect may be space between her ears...oh, is that mean?)

I did manage to go shoe shopping early this the following shoes, which are beautiful (have I mentioned my problem as a shoe whore?)

Michael Kors - but in brown

and - I hate to admit this, Jessica Simpson, in bone

I'm a shoe slut.

Back soon for more...ok tomorrow!

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Therapeutic Ramblings said...

The Fray....NICE!! Good band.