Thursday, April 9, 2009

I have the vacation lazies

Even as we speak, I'm putting off cleaning the house....I mean seriously, someone will he here at 6 to cut my hair, someone at 7 to buy my old camera, and the joint is a complete and utter pig sty.

Me? Sitting here blogging. DUHHHHHH. Oh and watching The F Word. I love me some gordon Ramsay. Reer (I know I know, he cheated bla bla bla....oh well!)

Taking HF to the airport this afternoon so he can get to South America for a few weeks. Need to get veg for the bunnies & myself...and I'll get absolutely none of this done today, will only get it done tomorrow probably. Oh well. I suck.

So. Figured I'd check in for now, and run off to actually vacuum.

Yay? Not.

1 comment:

Technodoll said...

Well, it's YOUR vacation so you don't have to answer to anyone ;-)


Dirt will wait!