Wednesday, April 1, 2009

is that sun I see?

I am in a mood today.

What mood I can't tell you. It's somewhat negative, that I know for sure.


Not sure.

Sometimes I'm not terribly pleased being me. Today, that is me. Not pleased being me.

Work is busy as sh*t, photography is pretty busy, musical stuff busy, SPCA work is busy....I don't have time to think, ponder, consider how lonely I am for male company....

And yet there it is.

Years. Years, years.....

Oh well.

I think I'm just not feeling comfy in my own skin, for reasons I can't fathom at this point.

Anyway. The sun is finally peeking out, I'm told it'll be sunny and 14C tomorrow, but, when you're stuck in the office, back to the window, I guess that comes under the heading of "really, who cares?"

I am off for a week next week. Can;t wait. I have so much to do at home. House is a disaster.

Enjoy the day all, I need to get ear deep in work!


michelle said...

just came across your blog via dolce.

i understand about the not being pleased with me bit. phrased well. i'm there too.

enjoy your week off! sounds like you need a break. i on the other hand am so not busy it's driving me bonkers....

Technodoll said...

Girl, I cheered three wooots when I read about you finally, for the love of jeebus, taking a freaking vacation and some time to yourself!!

Anybody in your shoes would feel pretty much what you are right now.

Even superwoman needs a break now and again to find herself.

Breathe. Almost there!

myself said...

michelle - welcome! oh I bitch and complain about being busy but I would rather that to being bored, so I feel your pain, completely....

TD-yeah good old Balconville...and out to jam ignore JF...hehehehe