Thursday, April 2, 2009

I've got


Pretty much.

Last jam night at the place down the road. For reasons that I am also aware of, the band decided they didn't want to host there anymore. It's ok we have somewhere else to do things starting next week. However, it was fun, and too bad it's done. The new option will be much cheaper and less greasy...

As a result, I am pretty much exhausted, but we all expected that, didn't we?

I need to get divorced. Which means I have to call my ex husband and see if he ever got his birth certificate. Something so simple, so cheap and yet, 8 years and counting. Sigh. Then my friend will help me finish the paperwork and we're done, plain and simple.

I think I'm already starting to get seasonal allergies, for which I am not happy...keep waking up snotty, barking like a dog, etc etc etc.

I also need to be training this ass for my MS Walkathon. Geezus.

Anyway, back to work I go....woot?


Technodoll said...

Woman! Get those papers filed! If anything happened to you he'd get it all (the ass)! eeeeeekk!

As for allergies, they sucketh. Do you take any meds for relief?

*passes hankie to M.E.*

myself said...

I have a will. He'd get zilch.

Nope, no allergy meds, they're too expensive, cost me an arm and a leg....