Thursday, February 28, 2008

these tears are making my mascara run!

And so.

Here I sit, crying at a song. Did I not say that for me, lyrics are like poetry? My emotions are very near the surface recently, all that has happened or not for that matter. I'm weepy. Weepy and old on Saturday. Ah ok, not old, but man, sometimes I feel like I'm 80.

Here's what made me cry. I'm a Canadian, which is probably why you don't all know most of these artists, but we have some good ones up here, so note I always include the artist - in case you all want to look them up :-)

Why Don't You Love Me?

(written by Amanda Marshall, Desmond Childs, Eric Bazilian / performed by Amanda Marshall)

Why am I lonely?
You're sitting right here
Why am I talking?
It's like I'm talking to the air
What am I looking for?
That just isn't there
Why am I angry?
How'd it get so bad
And why am I missing
What we
Never really had

Why don't you love me
The way I love you?
Why don't you feel things
As deep as I do?
We've got a fundamental difference
In matters of emotion
But I need to feel you need me
Like a river needs an ocean
Baby why don't you love me?

Who am I kidding babe?
It wasn't meant to be
But you wanted a believer
And I needed to believe
For every wall you built around you
I learned a brand new way to climb
And if I could've been your angel
I would've found a way to fly

I don't understand you
What's it take to make you cry?
And if leaving you don't break you
Then baby what's it matter why?

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Two Date Diva said...

I can't tell you have many times I've sat and cried to a song. I totally get it. Sometimes even now I'll be moved to tears by a song even if I'm not getting over any boy in particular.