Tuesday, February 26, 2008

dreading the mail is not good

Day 2 of being off. If it hadn't been a day full of hospital trips and to work for paperwork, I would have probably jumped off a cliff. I love my job. How bad is that? And the sick leave has been extended.

So I got mail. Things I had ordered for the guy. See, the guy is a former professional athlete, and I had bought a whole bunch of his cards (sports cards) to frame them for his new business. As a "business warming gift" of sorts. He said he didn't have much from those days, and I figured I would do something nice.

Naturally you don't do something nice for someone that hasn't contacted you in a month, so I guess I own a bunch of his cards. Back in the day, I would have given them to him anyway...but considering I have no idea what the hell is up with him, I believe "fuck him" is the term I would use, in which case he doesn't deserve boo all from me.

I do know that down the line, when he's no longer busy, or finished with his rebound relationship (don't get me wrong, very happy it wasn't me), or has decided not to go back to his ex girlfriend, or has come back from the US - which is another possibility, he will turn up, with a big goofy "sorry", wanting to start up where we left off. Wherever that was. And what will I do? No idea. Guess I'll decide at the time.

So, I'll tuck the cards in a drawer. Pull them out when I want a giggle (a few of them when he was young have particularly bad hair, and gave me a really good giggle when I received them - which is mean, and if I ever have the chance, I'll let him laugh at my photos from the 80s, he can have a guffaw at my John Taylor hair). Or look at the last one, which is the most recent, very recent, the man I remember, and wonder what if.

Is it bad to wonder what if?

As he would say....everything happens for a reason. Just wish I knew what that reason was.

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