Thursday, December 3, 2009

yes, there's life over here

I know I know I am a blogging zero. I can't help it. It's partially desire to not bother because I'm only coming up with negativity at the moment, partially having too much on my plate and this is yet another thing to add to it, and partially everything going through my brain confusing me completely and being unable to really put it to paper, as they say (because this isn't paper).

So many good things, and yet so many bad things going on right now. Let's start with the good.


- back to photography with a vengeance!!! Lots of great bands out there and I get to see them and enjoy them while I take photos which is a passion. Happy happy!

- work is busy. This actually goes in both categories, but tis a good thing because it's a good indication of what is happening with the economy. Yey.

- good friends who put up with me and have been helping with my kitchen issues.

- my babies...although they keep dying off on me (the likkle ones - 2 hamster deaths in 2 weeks), they are what keep me going day to day

- 3 weeks til London....WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- insurance company kitchen crap. I need to call my witch adjustor today...JOY OH FRIGGING BLISS. Haven't heard a word in over a week. Way to try to make me go away after all the $$ they've gotten out of me

- worried I won't have enough $$ for England

- family. Sigh. Can't solve that one anytime soon, can I?

- my laptop, the hard drive is considering dying on me. Silver lining to that one is that the replacement is cheap, and according to my IT department here at work, it's easy peasy to replace, as in I can do it myself (but the guy told me to bring it to work and he would oversee it for me). Backed up everything on my drive (250g thanks - photos take a lot of space), and I'm ready for the sudden death (which my luck will be when I'm in England! LOL)

- sheer exhaustion. I'm not SPCAing until I'm back from London, so that'll help in the long run, but right now I haven't had time to color my hair, it's that busy.

It'll all work out in the long run, always does, and I have faith that it will, but man o man, someone out there is testing me for sure (I don't believe in God, so it ain't him!)

Great week all...I'll post again when I can put together a non-negative coherent sentence!


Surfergrrl said...

Yeah you have a crazy December. I'm really glad you got back into the photography though. Your pics are amazing! Fingers crossed everything goes together smoothly with the kitchen.

myself said...

Merci... about the photos etc....I'm hoping the kitchen sitch goes well.

eyes and all crossed!

Technodoll said...

Seems like you have a healthy balance of good vs bad going on there, minus the insurance asslickers of course.

Nail 'em baby!

Less than 3 weeks til London!