Monday, December 21, 2009

panic-stricken in Montreal

So. I panic I won't get on my flight.

I panic the house isn't clean.

I panic I haven't done everything I need to for the animals.

I panic.

Welcome to the "pre-London trip" panic-fest!

And PS. They got f-ing snow in London. A whole centimeter. And they're now panic-stricken.

Time to feed the mouse, he's talking to me.....Henri tells me when he's run out of food with little mousey chirps.

I am losing it aren't I?

Listening to: "It Snowed" - Meaghan Smith


Surfergrrl said...

pre trip jitters/trying to get everything done before you leave...totally normal. You will get there and everything will be fine! :)

myself said...

I know...I just need to get there and then I can relax!

Little Fish said...

Everyone panics before a trip, but once you get there you'll be so happy and you'll be laughing at yourself for ever having been soo nervous.

Technodoll said...

Hold on, you leave when again?

Wednesday? Thursday?


*excited for you*

Hope you blog from London... you better!

Adventures In China said...

I am sooo a panicker. Anxiety is my middle name. I feel what you're going through. I am sure it will all work out, it usually does. But I know that is easy to say, and harder to feel.