Friday, December 4, 2009

enough already

Insurance called today to inform me that they don't intend to pay me a cent for my kitchen.

Yes, the insurance I've been paying for X amount of time is not going to play.

That was until a friend in TV made a suggestion, writing to the local station about it, I also have a lawyer waiting in the wings (I am not remotely litigious, but I had a feeling they would try this shite).

Responding to the adjuster in the email she sent my refusal in, I told her I had contacted the media and my lawyer and she would hear from someone in the near future. Oh and what was her direct supervisor's name and phone?

Amazingly I get an email back from the adjuster saying she needs to speak to her supervisor and the estimator and would get back to me. Yeah. I thought so.

My insurance broker thinks they'll offer me a small amount as a gesture, and I think I'll be seeing the lawyer and he'll be saying we can get more, so I'll let him deal with that.

Bastards. You pay pay pay, and something happens, they look for anything to get out of paying. The lawyer says that unless they have a clause in terms of the age of my kitchen, previous damage etc (they looked at my kitchen a few years ago before insuring it when they inspected the entire house) or a clause stating they won't pay for plumbing causing flooding, they have to pay.

Sigh. Cuz I need this right?

I am NOT litigious like I say, but I'm also not taking this laying down considering I pay those bastards almost $70 a month for my house insurance.

And she thought I was kidding. Silly adjuster.


Surfergrrl said...

I'm sorry. I'm sure you were just hoping this could all be easy under the circumstances and it turns out you have to go through all this BS to hope they pay up. I'm sure that's the last thing you need right now, :(

PrincessB said...

Oh that's awful. I hope it works out :)

Technodoll said...

I'm appalled and shocked! Who the EFF do they think they are to screw their customers like this??

You GO, girl - I too would do the same effing thing, lawyer and TV whistle blower - enough is enough with getting screwed.